An eclectic stop for Westfield shoppers

By Isabel Marcheselli


WESTFIELD – The Blended Vintage Marketplace at 48 Elm St. in downtown Westfield is an eclectic curiosity shop where shoppers can feast their eyes on items that all seem to have an appeal of their own.

Andrea Bruno painting furniture at her shop, Blended Vintage Marketplace. (PHOTO SUBMITTED)

This store, run by artist Andrea Bruno and her husband, features a collection of 26 different artisan creations. In her shop, one can find furniture, crafts, curios, one-of-a-kind clothing, imported crocheted items, jewelry, handbags, and other crafted items. Although her store is listed online as an antique store, Bruno says that it doesn’t sell antiques.

“I guess there isn’t a category for an eclectic shop like ours,” she said.

Stylistically, Bruno describes her shop as having a bohemian flair “with a touch of farmhouse style.” Added lately to her collection are particularly colorful, bohemian clothes. Another new item is a red, white and blue canvas of the American flag, sized 20×40, on a gallery wrapped canvas.

Bruno brings new pieces into her collection, in part, as given to her by people who don’t want to put these items on the curb for a truck to take away. What she says that she loves about these pieces is the background of every piece.

“Each and every one of them has a story to tell,” Bruno said.

These days, Bruno is excited about the new furniture transfers and bell-bottom jeans that have been added to the inventory. On the store’s website, shoppers can shop for a rotating array of items including furniture paints, bags, dresses, decoupage papers, cupcake bites and other treats, and they can even schedule their paint jar parties at her store where patrons can work on bell jars, do -ityourself vases, and gnomes. Additionally, Andrea also sells her own art which she calls “my funky art” painted in vibrant and intense colors.

To find out more information and plan your visit, visit her store’s website at: https://

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