Babe Ruth Baseball League: ‘Wear your masks!’

WESTFIELD – The Greater Westfield Babe Ruth Baseball League is seeking the help from fans, players and coaches to combat the coronavirus.
In a notice posted on their league web site, league officials are urging everyone to follow social distancing guidelines.
“We have seen large groups of young fans congregating in the stands through the first week of play, which does not follow the state and local social-distancing guidelines,” the statement reads. “For us to continue playing, we need to do a better job at ensuring that all guidelines are being followed.”
Fans are encouraged to masks at the ball park if social distancing cannot be followed. Masks for players and coaches will be required when players are in the dugouts. Social distancing will also be managed when players are in the dugouts.
Anyone with questions or concerns on these expectations are asked to reach out to Greater Westfield Babe Ruth League President Dan Welch or any executive board member.

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