Baystate Noble designated a Hidden Scar of Excellence Center for breast cancer surgery

WESTFIELD – For many people who must have breast cancer surgery, the physical scars left behind can be a psychological detriment to their recovery.

At Baystate Noble Hospital, there are options to reduce scars through innovative surgeries that have earned the hospital the Hidden Scar Center of Excellence designation.

Among its state-of-the-art breast cancer surgeries is the Radioactive Seed Localization surgery.


Dr. Danielle Lipoff, who performed the first radioactive seed localization surgery at Baystate Noble in the spring, said she is proud of the designation. Lipoff said it is important for many patients to have hidden scars and it is also important to have surgery close to home.

“I am happy we can offer this surgery in Springfield and Westfield,” Lipoff said, adding that there are plans to expand into Franklin County. “All of our breast surgical oncologists have been trained in Hidden Scar techniques, allowing us to provide cutting edge cancer surgery and improved aesthetics,” said Dr. Lipoff.

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Baystate Health has raised awareness of its dedication to breast health and offering the care patients needs to have the best outcome after a breast cancer diagnosis, whether they need a full or partial mastectomy or corrective breast surgery, Baystate Health offers options.

Breast surgeons employ a technique called Hidden Scar surgery which offers patients improved cosmetic results and is made easier by radioactive seed localization. After the breast lesion is localized with the radioactive seed, the surgeon can then use the Hidden Scar approach and make the incision in an inconspicuous area of the breast. As a result, when the scar heals, the patient will have little to no visible reminder of the surgery, which can mean a world of difference as they recover and forge ahead following breast cancer.

October is national Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For more information on breast cancer and the services offered at Baystate Noble Hospital, call 413-794-8899.


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