Beat the Putz: Everyone wins in Week 17

When my chief statistician (Melissa) starts off by saying the “bad news” is that I “went 10-6,” I was a bit take aback.
I figured posting double-digits was a very nice way to end the 2016 National Football League regular season. Well, the public outdid me again as 67 percent of the entrants went 11-5 or better. Congratulations you guys (and gals)!
Maybe another Putz walks among us? Forget that, don’t answer that question.
Dan Dowd claimed our final weekly gift certificate to the Tavern Restaurant in Week 17 with a record of 14-2, nailing the tiebreaker points right on the button with 49.
Dowd and 16 other entrants will now await notification of our grand prize drawing for a flat-screen television, courtesy of Manny’s TV & Appliances. A winner will be crowned in the coming week.

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