Beat The Putz Week 13 picks, Week 12 winner

Beat The Putz Week 13 Picks:
New Orleans Saints
Chicago Bears
Indianapolis Colts
Las Vegas Raiders
Tennessee Titans
Miami Dolphins
Minnesota Vikings
Seattle Seahawks
Green Bay Packers
New England Patriots
Pittsburgh Steelers
Kansas City Chiefs

Congratulations to our Week 12 winner Nelson West, of Westfield, who went 11-1 to claim our weekly prize, a $25 gift certificate to Delaney Market.
West joins Week 1 winner Doug LaMont (10-3), Week 2 winner Greg Masciadrelli (14-0), Week 3 winner Doug LaMont (11-2), Week 4 winner Lisa Dee (11-2), Week 5 winner Norma Coogan (11-1), Week 6 winner Lorna Farrington (8-2), Week 7 winner Nancy Skowyra (11-1), Week 8 winner Mike Thomas (10-2), Week 9 winner Ken Martin (11-1), Week 10 winner Tim Tracy (11-1), and Week 11 winner Michael Gossman (9-3).

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