Brazee sinks hole-in-one


WESTFIELD – We have our first hole-in-one of the 2020 golf season.
Bob Brazee, 75, of Westfield, started off the season in grand fashion this past week. Brazee used a 5-wood to sink a hole-in-one on the 9th hole at Shaker Farms Country Club May 29.
“I wasn’t really sure that it had even happened,” said Brazee, a seven-year member of Shaker Farms. “Everybody was looking for the ball; we couldn’t see it on the green. Then we thought maybe it’s behind the flag. As we worked our way over there, all of a sudden, I realized it was in the hole. It was pretty exciting.”
It was Brazee’s first-ever hole-in-one. Brazee said he once came within two feet of a hole-in-one at Shaker Farms, but that was as close as he would get.
For five years, Brazee has participated in the golf course’s Monday night league. He won it his first year.
“Every time you go out, it’s different,” Brazee said. “I love the challenge.”
Brazee said even though social distancing measures have been put in place to slow the spread of the coronavirus, getting out on the local greens was well worth the wait.
“It was looking a little bleak for awhile, but finally golf is back,” he said. “There are so many things that we are still restricted from doing. Finally, at least golf courses have opened so we can get out and socialize within reason, and have a little fun. The hole-in-one was a lot of fun.”

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