Challenging times learning from home

Nolan is a student in Kathleen Knapik’s second grade class at Paper Mill Elementary School. The class is continuing its year-long Adopt-A-Classroom project with The Westfield News, which is a program of the Westfield Education to Business Alliance. The students are learning basic journalism skills, including interviewing, note taking, brainstorming and writing headlines. The following is an article about the student’s life while staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic.



By Nolan Kozikowski

Student correspondent

My first week at home has been different, fun, and hard. There have been a lot of changes. I have gotten the chance to do different stuff at home instead of school.

My parents gave me a schedule that includes academic work, chores, play time, and exercise. I am doing written work in the morning and using the computer in the afternoon. I have been outside a lot and have been playing with my brothers. This time has been challenging because everything changed without school.

I am happy to be home but I miss my teacher and friends.

Advice I can give is to learn as much as you can so we’re ready to go back to school. I do understand why we’re home. It is because of the virus and if we had stayed at school then it would have spread everywhere. I am asking a lot of questions and learned that it is okay to be scared. I don’t feel worried but if you are then it is okay.


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