Healthy at home: How social distancing has changed our lives

Mackenzie is a student in Kathleen Knapik’s second grade class at Paper Mill Elementary School. The class is continuing its year-long Adopt-A-Classroom project with The Westfield News, which is a program of the Westfield Education to Business Alliance. The students are learning basic journalism skills, including interviewing, note taking, brainstorming and writing headlines. The following is an article about the student’s life while staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic.



By Mackenzie S.

Student correspondent

Students from around the world are being asked to stay home to keep family, friends, and strangers healthy because of the virus going around. Here are my thoughts after the first week:
I feel like my first week was great. I like learning at home with my family. I didn’t get as much exercise though because swimming and gymnastics were cancelled.
My family hasn’t been going to places, like fun places, or seeing people. We have been calling people on Skype and FaceTime to see them. My mom has to still work but she has to do work at home. It feels good she is home but sometimes she can’t play with me as much. My dad still has to work at night because he makes healthcare supplies to help the nurses and doctors stay healthy.
My days are different than normal school days but I am still doing learning. For math I am doing number wrap-ups, math worksheets, and ST Math. For reading I have been liking the Scholastic activities online. I have also been reading a collection of books with all different countries from all around the world. I have been reading them and then writing down facts I learned. Also my grandma gave me a map with all the state quarters that was from when my mom was young. I have been picking out interesting ones and researching then writing about them.
To have fun at home I am going on fun walks. I went into the woods near my house to look for animals. I made a ninja course using string and rope in my bedroom. I also FaceTime my grandparents and cousins.  I got to see my cousin’s new bunny they just got from over the phone.
The good thing about being home is staying healthy and my family staying healthy together and still learning new things. The hard parts are not being able to see other people in person.
My advice for everyone is to stay home, wash your hands, and keep learning! Also take walks to keep healthy. I hope everybody stays healthy!

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