Learning from home, but missing friends

Dustin is a student in Kathleen Knapik’s second grade class at Paper Mill Elementary School. The class is continuing its year-long Adopt-A-Classroom project with The Westfield News, which is a program of the Westfield Education to Business Alliance. The students are learning basic journalism skills, including interviewing, note taking, brainstorming and writing headlines. The following is an article about the student’s life while staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic.



By Dustin Piper

Student correspondent

Things have changed for me and my family. My family is home and we haven’t gone to any indoor public places. We are doing this so everybody can stay safe and not get sick so then we can go back to school. I have been spending a lot more time outdoors. We have gone on the bike trail, hiking in the woods and have practiced baseball.

I have been doing all kinds of learning at home like, IReady, STMath,, drawing with Mo Willems online, and I finished a workbook about learning how to tell time and counting change.

For fun I have been going on a bunch of learning websites, making a lot of Lego projects, and racing trucks with my little brother.

There have been some hard things about being home the past week. First, I miss seeing my school friends especially at lunch and recess. Second, it is hard to find stuff to do at home and third, I miss having my school routine.

My advice to other kids during this time is to do more math and learning and not play video games. You should also help your brothers and sisters with their learning. The last thing is to keep washing your hands.

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