Chief Bishop recommends renaming Southwick Hill Road

SOUTHWICK – The town is moving forward on renaming a portion of Southwick Hill Road.

The Select Board Aug. 18 addressed an ongoing concern about several streets that were considered confusing because they were split for various reasons. Police Chief Kevin A. Bishop said of the six or seven streets initially considered for renaming, two were considered for naming and he recommended just one, Southwick Hill Road, be renamed. Bishop said after meeting with residents of the road, the majority agreed they would like the street renamed to Iron Horse Hill.

The other street considered for renaming was Evergreen Road, which is divided by a pump station. Bishop said he believes technology can solve that problem.

“Prior to the meeting I used Google Maps and put in different [house] numbers and they all came up,” he said.

Selectman Russell Fox suggested rather than renaming Evergreen, small signs could be added to street signs alerting motorists to which direction to go for specific house numbers. Selectman Chair Douglas Moglin said he supported that idea and likened it to signs indicating room numbers in a hotel.

Bishop said in his 37 years as a Southwick police officer he knows of only one major concern with confusion on Evergreen and that was from an “outside company” and not a delivery service.

“In talking with residents, I have not heard of any issues with deliveries,” said Bishop, adding that Fire Chief Russell Anderson was in agreement.

Bishop said to let technology work for users and place the numbered signs and train dispatchers on the streets using cross streets.

“Every call should use cross streets – Miller Road at Congamond Road,” Bishop said, noting bigger cities use cross roads regularly when dispatching first responders.

Sgt. Rhett Bannish weighed-in and said he was going to recommend the address number signs as well.

“We’re looking at, at most, six signs,” said Bannish.

Chief Administrative Officer Karl Stinehart said he would work with Town Counsel Benjamin Coyle to prepare a document and a public hearing would be scheduled before the Board votes on the renaming.

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