City seeks new Community Development Block Grant Coordinator

Peter J. Miller

WESTFIELD- The City of Westfield is searching for a new Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Coordinator to manage the grant for the Office of Community Development. 

Community Development Director Peter Miller said that they are seeking someone to fill the position as their five-year consolidated plan for 2020-2024 is about to begin. Miller noted that the office is down a couple of positions, and it has typically been his job to manage the grant in recent years. 

Due to the consolidated plan and the department being short-staffed, Miller said that they would seek a new coordinator in order to free up time and resources for himself and the department.

He said that the new coordinator’s position was proposed and approved as part of the budget that was passed by the City Council in July.

The CDBG program is supposed to provide funding for certain units of the city government to address needs in the city such as housing, infrastructure, and economic development. 

The five-year consolidated plan is the Community Development Department’s goals for the city in the metrics of housing, neighborhoods, homelessness, and economic development.

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