Southwick looking to expand sewer connections

SOUTHWICK — Public Works Director Randy Brown said that grant funds will help Southwick expand certain sewer lines over the next year. 

Brown said in an email to the Sewer Implementation Committee that a Bungalow Street sewer expansion project could begin in 2022 if all goes well. Brown said that Southwick was awarded a federal Community Development Block Grant funds last year for the design and permitting efforts for the Bungalow Street sewer expansion.

“Design and permitting work is 95 percent complete. Included with this work is the addition of a dry sewer line with stubs to each property line,” said Brown. 

He said that Southwick would apply for more CDBG funds this fall for the actual construction costs. 

Brown also addressed a project to loop the sewer line of Hudson Drive to Sam West Road. Southwick was awarded a MassDevelopment Site Readiness Program grant to evaluate the expansion of Hudson Drive Industrial Park. He said that several new pump stations may be needed to connect Hudson Drive’s and Sam West Road’s sewer lines. 

Brown said that the town of Suffield, Conn., is considering making new sewer connections into Southwick from their side of Congamond Lake. He said that Suffield is looking to add more water flow than what had once been discussed, which was 50,000 gallons per day.

One issue Brown said he will need to address with Suffield’s intent to connect their sewer line is whether Suffield will be using Southwick’s already designated capacity of 500,000 through the connection to the Westfield Wastewater Treatment Plant, or if Suffield will make its own connection to the treatment plant. 

As of now, Southwick discharges 150,000 gallons of water per day to Westfield’s treatment plant.

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