City Water Meter Replacement Continues

WESTFIELD – The City of Westfield has contracted with East National Water, LLC of Palmer, MA to replace the existing water meter reading equipment throughout the City.  The process requires a one-hour window of time to schedule the appointment at your property.

For security purposes, meter installers will be wearing company uniforms, using vehicles with company logos, and will be carrying company issued photo identification and driver’s license.  A responsible adult at least 18-years old must be present for the meter installation to take place.

Please note that meters will be replaced at no cost to you, the homeowner, however, some existing conditions may need to be resolved by the homeowner in order for the meter replacement to be completed. This may include meters that are unable to be accessed, plumbing issues, or unsafe working conditions.  Once you have resolved those conditions, contact East National Water, LLC to complete the meter replacement.  If you have any questions regarding this program please call the Westfield DPW Water Division at (413) 572-6226. Office hours are between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM.  Residents can schedule the appointment once your receive notice from East National that they are in your area and give you a 4 digit code.

Appointments being scheduled are for those residents in the down town area such as E. Silver Street, Court Street, Lozier Ave, Washington Street, etc.

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