Co-Op Corner: Westfield Tech students settling in at Peter Pan Bus co-op

Westfield Technical Academy Co-op students Liam Barrett, Karen Scott, Jessica Bush and Victoria Krapova in one of the conference rooms at Peter Pan’s office at Union Station. (DENNIS HACKETT / THE WESTFIELD NEWS)

By Dennis Hackett

Staff writer

SPRINGFIELD- While most students start their days by getting ready for school and going to class, the students in Westfield Tech Academy’s Peter Pan Bus Lines Co-Op start their days by setting up their desks and taking phone calls as part-time customer care agents.

Three Westfield Tech Co-Op students working at Peter Pan are juniors. One of the Academy’s former students has slowly risen through the ranks with the company to become assistant manager.

While students typically begin their co-ops in January, both Liam Barrett and Jessica Bush started their jobs at Peter Pan in October. Victoria Krapova, another co-op participant, started in February.

As part-time customer care agents, the students are mainly answering the phones for Peter Pan. “We’re answering the phones, we’re helping customers rebook tickets, book tickets. We’re taking complaints and mostly resolving their issues for anything they call about,” Barrett said.

While Krapova and Bush said they enjoy taking the more personable calls, Barrett said that one of his favorite parts of the job is deescalating phone calls with some of Peter Pan’s more upset customers. He said, “I like getting an escalated call and explaining the policy to them and hopefully it works out in their favor but still goes by those guidelines.”

Krapova said that it was a no-brainer for her when it came to choosing Business Technology as her shop at WTA. She said, “I really like the opportunities it’s opened up for me. There’s nothing to lose from it even if you do decide to take a different path, there’s so many things that you get out of it.”

Bush said that she was thankful for the opportunity to work at Peter Pan and feels like she has been welcome there since day one.

“I feel like this company has opened up so many opportunities for me. It’s such a comfortable experience and I feel so welcome with the people I’m with and I just really enjoy being at Peter Pan,” she said.

Peter Pan’s Customer Care Manager Karen Scott said she is happy with the way the students show up and come prepared to do their jobs.

“Liam, Jessica, and Victoria are always professional and their skills and attitude are wonderful. You don’t always see that from students and we’re happy to have them here,” she said.

Co-Op Corner is a monthly look at students working in one of Westfield Technical Academy’s many co-op opportunities throughout Western Massachusetts.

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