Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Southwick rise to 19

Southwick Food Pantry accepting financial donations, but not food during pandemic

SOUTHWICK- The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Southwick rose to 19 in the last week from 15 the previous week according to the Board of Health. 

An increase of just four confirmed cases may indicate that the local spread of the virus has slowed. In most places where outbreaks have occured, the number of confirmed infections typically doubled every three to four days. 

The Board of Health pointed out however that these are just the confirmed cases and it does not include those that are awaiting results, those who have not yet been tested but have shown symptoms, and those that may have coronavirus but have not shown symptoms.

During the remote Board of Health meeting Thursday evening, it was announced that the number of cases in Massachusetts can now be broken down into individual cities and towns rather than by county. The state updates the number of confirmed cases daily at 4 p.m. while the Town of Southwick releases its update each Friday afternoon. 

Health Director Tammy Spencer announced during the meeting that the Board of Health received a second check from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health for $7,052. Spencer said that she plans to use the funds to purchase more masks, of which they currently have none.

““It could be a good idea to have a supply for a possible second wave in the fall,” said Spencer, “It’s great that this funding has come in so fast.”

In the Friday press release, the Board of Health said that the Community Food Pantry in Southwick will continue to serve residents of Southwick, Tolland, and Granville. However, they will not be taking any donations of food. 

“Because of the nature of the coronavirus outbreak, they are currently seeking monetary donations in lieu of food donations due to the possibility of contamination,” said the release. 

Despite the relatively low number of infections in the town, residents are still asked to follow social distancing recommendations and proper hygiene etiquette in order to keep the spread low. 

If one begins to experience the symptoms associated with COVID-19 such as a cough, fever, or shortness of breath, they are asked to call their primary care doctor and follow their advice from there.

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