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Conservation approvals granted

WESTFIELD – Timothy Drost, owner of Window World of Western Massachusetts in the Hampton Ponds Plaza, received approval from the Conservation Commission on May 11 to make improvements on the site at 975 North Road where he will relocate his business and showroom space.

Drost plans to take down a chain link fence, remove a gravel parking area and a couple of dead trees, and move the septic away from the pond in order to restore the natural beauty of the area, he said. Commission chair David Doe said it would be a nice improvement to the site.

Also approved was a restoration and new fencing for 36 Janelle Drive, owned by Paul and Melissa Ancelli. The restoration was for a previous enforcement order on the homeowners, who had cleared trees on a neighboring property in a resource buffer zone. Conservation Coordinator Meredith Borenstein said they had hydroseeded and planted seven trees, and the neighbor was fine with the restoration. The installation of a chain link fence within the 100 foot buffer zone was also approved. “I think in this case it’s a good idea,” Borenstein said.

Next door at 42 Janelle Drive, Sean Boyle sought and received approval for the installation of a gazebo, French drains and an arborvitae border within the buffer zone. Borenstein said the area, which was adjacent to an inground pool, was already lawn, so there would be no tree removal. The request was approved with required erosion controls during construction, and a condition to keep lawn clippings outside of the buffer zone and wetland.

Installation of a pool, deck, fencing, patio, driveway and retaining wall within the 100-foot Buffer Zone was also approved for a home on 5 Rider Road, owned by Mildred Odabashian.
Borenstein said all of the work was in an already altered area. Odabashian said she didn’t know when the work would be done, because the contractors wouldn’t speak to her until she had a permit, but she thought it may not be this year. Commissioner Thomas Sharp asked how they put in erosion controls for a project that may not happen for two years. He also asked that signage be erected at the 50-foot buffer zone.

Approval was granted with conditions that the 50 foot line be marked and signage installed; that the commission approve erosion controls prior to commencement of work, and approve any tree that may be removed, and the stumps be retained.

The Conservation Commission also approved the plans for a stream crossing at 1223 E. Mountain Road, on land owned by Mark and Chris Dupuis. Engineer Terry Reynolds. Reynolds said the crossing plan had been widened from 12 to 20 feet to allow for fire department vehicles to cross, but that it was half of the size of the current illegal crossing, which is part of an enforcement order. The plans for the stream crossing had previously been approved by the City Engineer and Natural Habitat. The Commission excluded future paving of the crossing from their approval.

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