Council candidate Q&A: How would you cut waste in the budget?

Reminder Publishing sent both candidates for Westfield Ward 1 city councilor identical questionnaires covering several topics of interest to voters. Answers are in the candidates’ own words and have not been edited, except for spelling and punctuation. Responses are listed in the order that candidates will be listed in the ballot: incumbent first, then challenger.


Today’s question: What specific cut or reform would you support to eliminate waste or duplication in Westfield  city government?

Nicholas Morganelli: We need salary caps on certain employees of the city, and union and personal service contracts need adjusting. Annual raises for many surpass 5 percent, and I once saw a raise over 10 percent. I believe that was in 2010. We may need a CFO, and if that person is a grant writer, the position would pay for itself. It’s time to put more people back into the understaffed Public Works Department, and the transfer station needs to be open at least eight hours on a Saturday. That day should be part of the normal work week for those employees.

Marybeth Berrien: During last year’s budget talks, DPW Acting Director Francis Cain brought up a few ways to help streamline his department. Once elected, I would speak to all the department heads to find ways that the council can support the modernization and streamlining of their operations.


Additional questions and answers with the Ward 1 candidates will appear on Oct. 26, 28 and 30. For previous questions and answers, visit thewestfieldnews.com/tag/election-2021.

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