Police Log, October 31, 2012

Emergency Response and Crime Report
Wednesday, Oct., 31, 2012
5:51 a.m.: missing person, Woodmont Street, a caller reports her adult daughter has taken her infant daughter who is in the custody of the caller and left in a pickup truck stolen from the caller, see story in the Thursday edition of The Westfield News;
8:58 a.m.: breaking and entering, East Bartlett Street, a caller reports a bathroom window of a vacant residence has been kicked in and she believes squatters are living there, the responding officer reports he found two persons in a second floor bedroom who had apparently been living in the building for some time as suitcases of clothing, sheets and blankets were found as was a cat in a crate, the officer noted cat feces and urine in several rooms and a “very pungent” odor was noticeable, one of the persons present said she had been staying there for a month, the apartments were found to be owned by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the caller did not wish to pursue criminal charges but ‘No trespassing’ orders were issued to each party found in the building;
12:03 p.m.: vandalism, Meadow Street, a caller reports past vandalism, the responding officer reports a tenant intentionally damaged his apartment before he vacated the premises, the landlord showed the officer shattered windows, flooded floors and more than 50 holes in the walls, a criminal complaint for malicious destruction of property valued more than $250 was filed;
1:11 p.m.: vandalism, Crown Street, a resident came to the station to report his vehicle was vandalized overnight, the responding officer reports the complainant said that the valve stems were removed from the tires of his car;
1:51 p.m.: narcotics violation, Tin Bridge, Ponders Hollow, a patrol officer reports he encountered youths smoking marijuana in the area of the ‘Tin Bridge’, the officer reports he approached four youths under the railroad trestle and detected an odor of burnt marijuana, when asked one of the youths said that they had been smoking marijuana and one surrendered a small amount of the drug, a makeshift pipe was also discovered, the youths were transported to the station for pickup by parents and city ordinance violation citations were issued to all four youths;
2:34 p.m.: vandalism, Lincoln St., a resident came to the station to report that her vehicle was vandalized overnight, the responding officer reports the word “lie” was scratched into the paint of a door of her car overnight;
5:04 p.m.: larceny, Four Mile Country Store, a caller reports four youths entered the store and one stole a bottle of liquor, the responding officer reports the caller said that a review of the store’s security video showed that a young woman put a bottle of liquor in her purse and left without paying for it, the store owner reports that he recognized one of the girls as a person who had submitted a job application and the officer spoke with the young woman who acknowledged the theft but was willing only to provide a first name for the suspect, the officer reports he investigated the social networking web page of the girl he identified and found that she had a friend with the same first name and the young woman confirmed that the woman identified was the suspect, the suspect was contacted and returned the unopened bottle of liquor, the store owner was satisfied and declined to pursue criminal charges;
9:02 p.m.: vandalism, Miller Street, a caller reports the tires on his vehicle were slashed minutes earlier, the responding officer reports he observed three male parties on the dike but only one obeyed his instructions to stop, the officer reports the boy eventually admitted that he had slashed tires because his friends said that the act would earn their respect, the boy surrendered a double edged knife which was consistent with the punctures on the tires of another similar incident which was being investigated by another officer;
9:31 p.m.: assist citizen, Kellogg Street, a caller requests assistance with her 17-year-old son who won’t come home with her, the responding officer reports the woman said that her son is the defendant of a protective order which requires that he refrain from abusing her, the officer reports he was explaining to the woman that because of her son’s age she cannot force him to come home with her when the boy started to yell at and verbally abuse the woman and the officer, the youth declined repeated suggestions to calm down, Aaron C. George, 17, of 919 Southampton Road, was arrested for disorderly conduct and violation of a protective order;
11:24 p.m.: disturbance, Main Street, a caller reports her husband pushed her, the responding officer reports the caller said that during an argument about their sick child her husband pushed her against a wall, the man left the area but returned and the officer also returned to speak with him, the man acknowledged the argument but denied assaulting his wife, Anatoliy Lukin, 24, of 137 Main St., was arrested for assault and battery in a domestic relationship;
11:38 p.m.: disturbance, Chapman Playground, St. Paul Street, a caller reports hearing an argument outside his window, the responding officer reports he found an intoxicated female party had called a family member for a ride but became involved in an argument with her relative when he arrived and ran away, the officer reports that when she was found the woman refused to calm down and when advised she was being arrested for disorderly conduct she flailed her arms to avoid being taken into custody and punched the officer, Inga Karcha, 17, of 38 Prospect St., was arrested for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and assault and battery on a police officer;
11:51 p.m.: liquor law violation, Courthouse Square, 27 Washington St., a patrol officer reports a liquor law violation, the officer reports he saw they youths standing in a parking lot and observed one put something down which was subsequently found to be a partially full bottle of beer, the youth was found to be 19-years-old, a city ordinance violation citation was issued.

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