Craft items sought for upcoming 250th events

 SOUTHWICK-Arts and crafts are a mainstay for most community events and as the town gears up for its 250th anniversary celebration, a team of volunteers of the Southwick 250th Anniversary Committee still need a wide range of craft items for upcoming programs.

“We are all committed to creating an exciting year of events to unite and connect the entire Southwick community,” said Barbara Westcott, a team member, adding, “this will include craft projects throughout the year.”

Westcott noted the team she is on, a subset of the anniversary committee, has been meeting for more than a year to develop monthly events in celebration of the town’s 250th birthday, as well as to lend support to community groups also hosting events.

During the summer, a call went out on Facebook for craft donations and town residents responded.

“Two large donations came from a former Girl Scout leader and a retired teacher who is moving away,” said Westcott. “Other supporters have put a variety of supplies in the donation boxes at the Town Hall or the Southwick Public Library.”

Westcott noted that the largest item donated to date is yarn, however, paint, markers, beads, paper, wallpaper samples, pipe cleaners, glitter and plastic tree bulbs have also been received.

“The amount or number of each item donated varies,” said Westcott, adding that while 25 plastic tree bulbs have been received, the team expects to need at least “another dozen” for the first craft event.

The first event that the anniversary committee is involved with is the Southwick Civic Fund’s Winter Forest & Craft Fair on Dec. 7 from 4 – 8 p.m. at Town Hall.

“We will have an area set up inside the Town Hall to provide crafts for anyone who wishes to participate,” said Westcott. “Some of the activities we are providing include decorating plastic ornaments, snowmen made out of socks, salt art, and winter landscapes.”

Westcott said that teams within the 250th Anniversary Committee will then turn its focus to First Night Southwick on Dec. 31, a “family fun event” which includes several activities as well as crafts.

“We will be making noise makers, party hats, lanterns, and other fun items to celebrate the new year,” said Westcott.

Craft items still sought include ornaments, new white socks, rubber bands, glue sticks, rice, googly eyes, mini funnels, small jars such as baby food jars or perfume bottles, salt, bobbins, popcorn, two-liter bottles, glitter, battery votives, and small plastic bottles with lids.

“Please consider donating any items that can be used for these projects,” said Westcott.

Individuals interested in getting involved with the Southwick 250th Anniversary Committee are invited to attend the upcoming meeting Oct. 21 at 6:30 p.m. in the Town Hall auditorium.

“We are all one team working together to produce a wonderful community celebration,” said Westcott, adding that attending events will be a “great way” to spend time with family and friends.

“Let’s enjoy each other’s company and strengthen our community spirit,” she said.

For details on upcoming events and special meetings on the 250th, visit www.southwickma.org or check out Celebrate Southwick 250 on Facebook.

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