Crystals of Mind shop now open

WESTFIELD – The owners of the new shop Crystals of Mind at 83 Main St. hope to bring some healing, peace and happiness to the community.

Partners in life and business Lisa DiLuzio and Kristie Ostrowski spent much of the pandemic – like most people – at home. When not working their jobs in the healthcare field, they spent time entertaining themselves by watching online videos. When they came across a show about crystals, they were intrigued.

The pair began researching the power of crystals and reached out to the show’s hosts. They became fast friends and the more they learned, the more they knew this was something lacking in the community.

“Everyone has been stressed out this past year and we want to help,” said DiLuzio, touting the healing powers of crystals. “Our motto is this is a peaceful place to visit.”

Crystals of Mind offers an array of products, from tumbled stones starting at $2 to large crystals upwards of $200. Each crystal comes with an explanation of its origin and uses. There is also a handmade jewelry section, candles, books, tapestries, incense and more.

“Everything is handmade or earth-made,” DuLuzio said.

Mayor Donald F. Humason Jr. asks questions about crystals in the Crystals of Mind shop at 83 Main St. (HOPE E. TREMBLAY/THE WESTFIELD NEWS)

Crystals of Mind will offer weekly workshops, including jewelry making, as well as monthly speakers. There is a mediation room in the works and DiLuzio said they will have Reiki massage and yoga.

During a ribbon cutting celebration July 2, state Sen. John C. Velis, state Rep. Kelly Pease, Mayor Donald F. Humaon and Westfield Chamber of Commerce Director Eric Oulette congratulated DiLuzio and Ostrowski. Velis had the honor of making the first purchase – a Dragon’s Blood stone for his wife. Dragon’s Blood is said to amplify positive assets and has the transforming ability to push through tough situations.

Velis, Pease and Humason offered proclamations and gratitude.

“Thank you for choosing Westfield,” Humason said. “Welcome! Everybody wants to see you succeed.”

Crystals of Mind is currently open Wednesday-Sunday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.


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