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Deadline nears for ArtSpace logo contest

WESTFIELD-A contest has been launched by Crystal Miller, owner of ArtSpace at The Mill at Crane Pond, challenging individuals to create a logo for the new business.

“We can’t wait to see what people in the community come up with,” said Miller, noting ages 12 and older can draft a design that represents ArtSpace in a fun way.

Miller explained that ArtSpace – scheduled to open in September – is open for anyone in the community to rent for their own use or to instruct.

“We are looking for visual, literary, and musical artists of all kinds to teach from one to six people at a time,” said Miller, adding that photographers and videographers may also rent out the space.

“We are also hoping alternative instructors sign up to teach anything from small mommy and me yoga groups to herbal remedy classes,” she said.

Since Miller announced the ArtSpace concept on social media platforms, she said the community response has been “fantastic.”

Crystal Miller is hosting a logo contest for ArtSpace at the Mill at Crane Pond. (SUBMITTED PHOTO)

“People are responding that they are excited to have a safe space to create, and that outlets are really in need for all ages and abilities during these stressful times,” said Miller. “Moms of elementary and middle age school children are particularly interested in having a healthy outlet, but also in the fact we are hiring tutors.”

Tutors will run small group instruction of four students or less per subject and grade.

“This will help local kids to catch up from this tumultuous year,” said Miller. 

Miller said ArtSpace director Laraine Percoski is taking “every possible precaution” to ensure a safe space for attendees.

“Temperatures will be taken and hands will be sanitized upon entry, no matter the age,” said Miller. “We will also be giving each attendee to ArtSpace a fresh mask, and lay out supplies and tables for the best possible social distancing. The space will be sanitized between classes as well.”

Class size will be limited to six at this time per Gov. Charlie Baker’s current order, added Miller.

Persons interested in creating a conceptual drawing or design for ArtSpace are asked to submit the drawing in JPEG electronic format to [email protected]. Along with the design, persons must include within the email their full name, address, telephone number, and a brief description of the artwork. For persons under age 18, a parent or guardian is asked to submit the information.

“The concept designs will need to have the word ArtSpace prominently in the design, and be clearly reproducible at any size, in color, or in black and white,” said Miller. 

The deadline for email submissions is midnight on Sept. 4. If a winner is chosen, the person will receive a $25 gift certificate to Michael’s Crafts and a $25 photo credit from Crystal Miller Photography.

“We will take the winning design and submit it for refinement to a graphic designer for use in all of our promotional materials and signage,” said Miller. “Submissions are subject to be published of course.”

Miller is also seeking public input on the types of classes they would like to see offered and can text ideas to her at (413) 478-8770.

“We are still asking for artists and tutors to sign up,” said Miller. “Offering other artists of all types the opportunity to rent it out or teach makes this something that will really give back to the community.”

Percoski shared a similar sentiment.

“People in general love local art projects and like to be involved with them,” said Percoski. “Professional and budding artists alike always welcome the opportunity to showcase their skills, share their artistic visions and present their art to the public with a chance to be recognized.”

Percoski added that artists view each other as valuable resources to improve one’s own skills.

“The more artists we can engage with in a community art space, whether it be a nonprofit or a for-profit, the better,” said Percoski. “Most artists are willing to share ideas with each other as well as with their community. Giving fellow artists an opportunity to help design the public face of the new ArtSpace creates a synergy between artists to share their artistic ideas and shows the community that interest in the arts is alive and well in Westfield.”

Miller concurred.

“Art is always a healthy contribution to any community,” she said, adding, “but no one can deny, there has truly never been a more important time.”

On a related note, Miller said she is inviting artists to submit mural designs for ArtSpace and welcomes inquiries via text message.

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