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Disney fans will be tested at Trivia Night

WESTFIELD-Disney fans have an opportunity to test their knowledge at a special Trivia Night at the Westfield Athenaeum on Dec. 12.

Three Athenaeum staffers are coordinating logistics and their hope is that community members will have a positive response and want to attend more trivia events next year.

Gretchen Hohmeyer, youth services librarian at the Westfield Athenaeum, is helping to coordinate a Disney Trivia Night for all ages. (Submitted photo)

“The Athenaeum has had trivia before, but never for all ages,” said Becky Blackburn, public services librarian. “We are encouraging families to join.”

Blackburn noted that future trivia nights will have a theme.

“Olivia Eberli and Gretchen Hohmeyer came up with Disney, largely because so many people just love Disney and love to talk about it,” said Blackburn.

Both Eberli, youth services and young adult librarian, and Hohmeyer, youth services librarian, decided on the Disney theme to celebrate Walt Disney’s birthday in December.

“I fell in love with ‘Beauty and the Beast’ when I was 6 because the princess wanted a gigantic library,” said Hohmeyer.

Eberli shared a similar sentiment.

“I have loved Disney basically all my life,” said Eberli, adding her all-time favorite movie is also “Beauty and the Beast.”

“When I was little I used to get really excited when the Beast would change into a man,” said Eberli. “I wound run into whatever room my mom was in and yell, ‘Turn around man! Turn around man!’”

Eberli said another fond memory is singing to Disney songs in the family car with her sister.

All three women will be hands-on during Trivia Night which begins at 6:30 p.m. in the Lang Auditorium.

“We’ll have some tough trivia questions and some easy ones,” said Eberli. “We want to have questions that each age would be able to know the answers to.”

As part of the hour-long session, a special musical segment will also be featured.

“We will play about 20 seconds of a song and have the participants guess which movie it is from,” said Eberli.

All teams will hear the question which will be asked by either Blackburn, Eberli or Hohmeyer, and then participants will write down their answer. At the end of the round, one of the women will collect the answers and score them, while the next round gets underway. 

There is no limit on how many people can be on a team, however, the women anticipate four to six individuals per team signing up.

“This month the prize is a bag of Athenaeum branded swag,” said Blackburn, adding that snacks and drinks will also be provided during the event.

To register a team, visit, call the Athenaeum at (413) 568-7833, or stop by the circulation desk.

“Families should attend because it is a great way for families to bond and work together,” said Eberli. “Each person knows different things about Disney, and that will be needed in order to answer all of the questions correctly.”

Both Eberli and Hohmeyer added that taking a break for an evening is also an ideal way to escape from the “craziness” of the holiday season.

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