Egleston latest to beat ‘The Putz’

Beat The Putz PictureLet’s start on a positive note.
The Patriots improved to 2-0 with a 31-24 defeat of the Miami Dolphins, and just like that I increased my win total from seven (Week 1) to eight in Week 2.
In other news, Carrie Egleston, of Westfield climbed to the top our contest field with an 11-3 record. Egleston edged out other 11-3 contestants Scott Egleston, Cindy Sklarski, and Daniel Alvord with a tiebreaker total of 28. Congratulations!
Egleston will take home a gift certificate for The Tavern Restaurant and join Week 1 winner, Alan Shia, in a chance to win our grand prize, a 40-inch, flat-screen television from Manny’s TV & Appliances.
While the Patriots are off this weekend (New England hosts the Houston Texans Thursday night), there are other contests from which to choose, including our Sunday night tiebreaker – the Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys.
Keep on playing, get those entries in by midnight Friday, and, as always, good luck! – CP

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