Empty bus collides with empty van

WESTFIELD – Although none of the three crashes involving parked vehicles reported Friday were reported immediately, only two drivers left the accident scenes without reporting the crashes.
There was a good reason why no third operator fled the scene – or failed to report the third crash. There was no third operator.
An East Bartlett Street resident complained that her car had been struck while parked in her driveway and a fast food worker reported that her car was struck in her restaurant’s parking lot but in both of those cases there is evidence pointing to an operator.
However, nobody was operating the school bus which struck a parked van in the yard of a Southampton Road day care facility.
A caller from the company reported the collision Friday morning and said that, although the transmission was left in park, apparently the parking brake was not set when the bus was parked and it later rolled into the parked van.
No injuries were reported and the bus was not seriously damaged.

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