I am not a golfer.

Just ask my husband Dennis who has been trying to make me a golfer for a while now. Since 2015 we have been visiting Myrtle Beach annually – both my mother-in-law and aunt and uncle moved there – and on our first trip I promised him I would golf.

So, I did. I even wore a skort and golf shirt and visor. I thought if I looked the part, I could pretend that I fit right in. We were paired with another couple. They were in their 60s and avid golfers and I immediately apologized for what was sure to be one of their worst golfing experiences ever.

I started out doing fairly well for someone whose only experience in golf included the words “mini” and “range.” But I gave it my all for the first 10 or so holes and I wasn’t the worst (the remaining eight were a different story and several times I forefeited my shot so we could keep moving along). My husband even complimented me at one point, saying I “wasn’t bad.” My response? “I never said I was bad, I just don’t like it.” And that is the truth.

I guess I just don’t get golf. I know many people who love the sport. They practice all year and take golf trips and spend thousands of dollars on golf fees and equipment. They even watch it on TV (THE most boring thing on television, in my opinion. I’d rather watch bowling).

I admit that I do enjoy driving the cart and would happily take a part-time job as a designated golf cart operator! But for me, playing golf is just not my thing. However, when Gov. Baker announced last week that he was opening Massachusetts golf courses amidst the coronavirus pandemic, I was happy. Happy for my husband and all the other golfers. Happy for the owners of local golf courses, which have, for the most part, been struggling to stay afloat the past few years. Happy for our local economy that was losing out to open Connecticut courses. And just happy for a little bit of normal.

And while you will not see me out on the course swinging a club, feel free to contact me if you need a cart driver.


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