Holiday theft a growing concern

SOUTHWICK – With the holiday season in full swing, people tend to have presents that they purchased online sent to their doorstep or porch.

Southwick Police Department. (WNG File Photo)

A task that seems harmless could quickly turn into a crime. According to Southwick Police Lt. Robert Landis, the police department has received calls over the last few years about people saying they had packages missing or stolen.

Landis noted that if people are on vacation, they need to prepare accordingly if they plan on having packages delivered in their absence.

“If they’re not going to be home, have a neighbor retrieve it for them,” said Landis.

People can also have the packages sent elsewhere like their place of business or a relative or friend’s home.

It’s not just packages being stolen that is the issue. Landis acknowledged that scam artists will get into your personal information and order a package to your home. They’ll then be able to track when the package is being delivered and take the package off the porch or door step when no one is home.

Landis wants residents throughout Southwick to keep an eye out for each other and call the Southwick Police Department at 413-569-5348 if they have a package stolen or suspect that it may have been stolen.

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