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Homeless man’s tent burned

WESTFIELD – City police are seeking a homeless man who allegedly burned another homeless man’s tent – for no apparent reason.
Officers responded Tuesday to a 12:04 a.m. report of two men fighting in the wooded area behind the Westfield Shops on East Main Street and found a homeless man who reported that another homeless man had just burned his tent.
The victim told police that he and the suspect had set up a camp in the brushy area. He said that the other man had been highly intoxicated when returned to the encampment minutes earlier and, before his eyes, lit his tent on fire for no discernible reason.
Officer Sean Smith requested at 12:25 a.m. that the fire department respond.
Fire Capt. Jonathan Starr report thats firefighters carried water cans about a half mile into the brush to get to the camp site where they found the smoldering remains of a 12 by eight foot tent. The firefighters soaked the charred area thoroughly and raked it to ensure that the fire was completely extinguished.
Capt. Michael McCabe reports that the suspect had left the area before the officers arrived but has been identified. He said that charges are pending.

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