Police Log, June 29, 2012

Emergency Response and Crime Report
Friday, June 29, 2012
12:25 a.m.: assist citizen, North Road, a patrol officer reports he encountered two young men who were walking to a Smith Avenue address where one of them recently took up residence with his family, the duo did not know how to get to Smith Avenue and they were provided a courtesy transport there but found they were unable to rouse anybody when they arrived and were locked out of the residence, the officer advised them to sleep in the breezeway until relatives awoke;
4:50 a.m.: vandalism, Spring Street, two unrelated callers report a female party is banging on doors, the responding officer reports he spoke with a female party who said she had been assaulted earlier and went to the address in an effort to confront her assailant, the resident said that he had been awakened by the unknown woman who broke a window in his door while trying to gain his attention, the man said that he does not wish to pursue criminal charges assuming the woman makes restitution for the damage;
8:58 a.m.: motor vehicle violation, Union Street, a patrol officer reports his attention was drawn to a car operating at a high rate of speed passing vehicles in a “no passing” zone, the officer followed it and observed the vehicle pass a motor vehicle making a left turn, the officer reports he was able to stop the car on North Elm Street and the operator said that she was an animal control officer rushing a dog to an animal hospital, the officer reports the woman did not appear to take seriously his warning about her dangerous driving and became upset, the officer reports the woman accused him of yelling at her and called him a vulgar name, the officer reports his supervisor advised him to document the incident;
10:28 a.m.: vandalism, Boys and Girls Club of Greater Westfield, 28 W. Silver Street, a caller reports vandalism to a school bus, the responding officer reports the club’s director of operations said that a school bus parked between the club and the middle school was tagged with graffiti overnight, the officer reports that the school principal showed him security video which showed a male party spray painting the bus in the early hours of the morning, the officer reports the video will be copied and enhanced prior to review;
12:27 p.m.: larceny, Union Street, a caller reports tires on his trailer were stolen overnight, the responding officer reports the victim said that a trailer was found on ramps and the wheels were missing, the victim said the trailer was intact at 7 p.m. Thursday and was found without wheels the next morning, the man also said that attempts have been made previously to enter the trailer;
1:18 p.m.: larceny, East Main Street, a resident came to the station to report the registration plates had been stolen from his vehicle, the responding officer reports the man said that the plates were stolen while the vehicle was parked in an East Main Street parking lot Tuesday evening;
5:15 p.m.: animal complaint, North Elm Street, a caller reports a dog has been left in a pickup truck with windows rolled up, the responding officer reports he found that the vehicle was running and the air conditioning was operating, the dog was in no distress;
6:25 p.m.: larceny, Deer Path Lane, a caller reports that property was stolen while a baby sitter was in her home,the responding officer reports the woman said that she discovered jewelry and an iPod to be missing when she returned home, the case was referred to the detective bureau;
8:52 p.m.: loitering, Half Mile Falls Park, North Elm Street, a dispatcher reports seeing three persons jumping off obstacles at the park on razor scooters, the responding officer reports the youths were dispersed;
9:46 p.m.: fireworks complaint, Mockingbird Lane, a caller reports fireworks, the responding officer reports he observed several large fireworks explode upon his arrival and he advised the resident of the complaint, the officer reports he destroyed the remaining stock of fireworks and advised resident of the possible consequences of a return by police;
10:38 p.m.: disturbance, Cycle Street, a caller reports neighbors are involved in a domestic disturbance, the responding officer reports he heard a man and a woman screaming at each other from the street, the officer reports both parties provided a name for the male party which was at variance with his personal knowledge, the officer advised them that he believed that they were providing a false name because the man was the subject of an outstanding warrant, the warrant was confirmed, Pablo A. Baez, 40, of 6 Cycle St., was arrested on the warrant;
10:54 p.m.: loitering, Half Mile Falls Park, North Elm Street, a dispatcher reports seeing a group of youths in the park which is closed to the public after 10:30 p.m., the responding officer reports the youths were dispersed.

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