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Kelly Pease is Westfield’s next state representative


WESTFIELD – While the nation had its collective eyes glued on the presidential race, the most contested race in Westfield on Election Day was arguably the race for state representative, with three candidates on the ballot and City Councilor Dan Allie, who lost a close race in the Republican primary, mounting a write-in campaign.

With 75 percent, or 20,424 of Westfield residents voting,  Republican Kelly Pease won with 9,327 votes to 7,719 for Democrat Matthew J. Garlo, and 1,820 for Compassionate Conservative Ethan Flaherty. Write-in votes for state representative totaled 876, although they were not reported by name at press time.

“I’m humbled by the people of Westfield choosing me to be their next state representative. I would be remiss if I didn’t thank my wife Serena and my son Riley for putting up with me being out on the campaign trail, and all the volunteers who were out with me at 7 a.m. most times in the morning. All those people who came out to support me, it’s just amazing. I want the people of Westfield to know I represent everybody, and I look forward to hearing the concerns of all the people of Westfield, not just republicans, democrats or independents, but everybody,” Pease said after the results were in.

Garlo said he called Kelly Pease to congratulate him earlier in the evening

“No matter what ideas people have about party affiliation, we’re both hard workers, share a work ethic, and although we may have different ideas on how to get there, we both know what Westfield needs,” Garlo said.

“I couldn’t be more proud of my supporters and myself no matter the results,” he added, thanking his former classmates, teachers and people he know from sports teams for their support. “I am thankful for the role my parents and my grandmother played along this journey. I’ll always be involved in serving the public in some aspect and in our democratic process in general,” he said.

Ethan Flaherty also called to congratulate Pease on his victory. 

“Huge congratulations to Kelly Pease for being elected as Westfield’s next state representative. I wish him all the best, and hope nothing but good things come our way as a city. Kelly is a great guy and I’m sure he’ll serve our city well. It’s a huge step running for office, and I have nothing but respect for him for pulling it off and gaining Westfield’s confidence,” Flaherty said in response to a request for a comment.

“A massive thank you to everyone who has helped along this incredible journey. I’d be going on forever if I recognized everyone who helped, donated, held signs, talked with me, gave advice, and so on, but know that I sincerely appreciate everyone, and will continue working hard to make your help worth it. My family has always been nothing but supportive, and I thank them for always keeping things level and compassionate. Cam Davignon, our treasurer, has always been an incredibly hard working and service minded person, and it was a complete honor working with him. Thanks to the other candidates as well, for making this a clean, friendly, and competitive race. I really only wish you guys the best going forward, and hope the drive to serve stays persistent,” Flaherty continued in his statement.

“No matter the outcome of this election, there was great success to be had with moving towards increased local involvement and having less partisan thought. My generation is coming up to bat quickly, and it’s an honor knowing our team may have positively impacted what’s to come. Again, all the best to Mr. Pease, and thank you to everyone who made this journey possible. This is only the beginning,” Flaherty said.

Westfield voters favored former Vice President Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris with 9,986 votes to 9,695 for President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. Third-party candidates Jorgensen and Cohen received 406 votes, and Hawkins and Walker received 126.

Edward J. Markey narrowly edged out Kevin O’Connor at 9,722 to 9,700 for the U.S. Senate, with Richard Neal receiving 13,660 votes for the U.S. House of Representatives in an uncontested race.

State Sen. John C. Velis handily defeated John Francis Cain, 12,962 to 6,753, to retain the seat he won in a special election earlier in the year.

Rosemary A. Saccomani defeated Lori Landers Carvalho, 9,237 to 7,541 to become the Register of Probate.

 Question 1, known as the Right to Repair, won by a 3:1 margin in the city, with 14,677 votes to 4,962; while Question 2, Ranked Choice Voting, lost by a 2:1 margin, 6,240 yes votes to 13,026 no votes.

Two non-binding questions put on the ballot by Allie both won by a large margin. The first, asking the Commonwealth to restore local aid from the Mass State Lottery to cities and towns received 11,893 yes votes to 4,534 no votes.

The second non-binding question asked the state to increase funding for road maintenance to 300 million dollars per year from its current level of $200 million per year, which received 12,503 yes votes to 4,031 no votes.  

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