State Sen. John Velis re-elected


WESTFIELD – As of press time Nov. 3, with more than 66 percent of communities reporting, state Sen. John C. Velis was re-elected, besting opponent John F. Cain for the second time this year.

Velis, a Westfield Democrat also beat out Cain, a Southwick Republican, in a special election in May after former Sen. Donald F. Humason Jr. was elected Westfield’s mayor. Velis, the city’s state representative at the time, was the first Democrat elected to the position in 25 years.

Velis said Tuesday night that he was proud of his campaign.

“This, to me, is more evidence of what I’ve always believed, which is that even in 2020 America, which is so politically divided, you can run a positive campaign and win,” said Velis.

Velis said he was thankful for the support he’s received from all 11 communities in the district.

“I knocked on doors in all 11 communities,” he said. “You can be bipartisan and get things done for the district.”

Velis also noted that he found out Tuesday that Cain and his wife have a new baby.

“First and foremost, I want to congratulate him and hope his baby is healthy,” Velis said.

Velis received 12,962 of Westfield’s votes while Cain received 6,753.

Cain beat Velis in his hometown, receiving 3,058 of Southwick’s votes to Velis’ 2,442.

The district includes Westfield, Southwick, Agawam, Chicopee, Easthampton, Granville, Holyoke, Montgomery, Russell, Southampton and Tolland.

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