Letter: Allie moving forward with write-in

To the Editor,

Should we be more concerned with splitting the vote or electing a Republican, rather than fair and honest elections, big money and other organized influencing our elections, or understanding why a Super PAC would be so interested in the election of this representative seat?
It took time and effort to investigate and understand what happened, and decide what to do.
Here are the reasons we have decided to move forward. On the night of the primary we were only aware of the deceptive mailing paid for by a Super PAC which spends 90% of its to elect Democrats, spending $154,687 in August to back 22 candidates – 18 Democrats and 4 Republicans, including Kelly Pease. With so few votes determining the race, it is troubling to discover what affected the outcome.
Why were Democrats voting in a Republican Primary?
The City Clerk’s election report showed 14 well-known Democrats voted in the Republican Primary. We asked the clerk how Democrats were able to vote in a Republican primary, and were informed they had registered so close to the primary that their names still appeared as Democrats on the voter rolls. Who were these voters?
We processed the election report for voter history and found over 600 Independents (and other Democrats), with no history of ever voting Republican, had voted in this primary. Many were well known or politically connected. One hundred voters with no history would be one thing, but not six or seven hundred in a primary with 3400 voters. The percent of voters who voted all the time or frequently were in a normal range, but the percent of voters with no history was off the charts, indicating a coordinated effort. This raised major “Red Flags”, especially with the massive interest and turnout in the Democratic primary for Neal/Morse and Markey/Kennedy.
Most candidates would not be able to process this information. But I have managed campaigns up to the congressional level and worked on statewide and presidential campaigns for over 30 years.
Kelly has never publicly corrected the misrepresentation or asked the PAC to stop. The Mass Majority Independent Expenditure PAC is still spending money to help elect Democrats and Kelly Pease on November 3rd. To be fair, most, if not all of the mailings voters will receive for the rest of this election cycle will come from outside groups, not the candidates themselves.
The two exceptions will be Ethan Flaherty and myself.
I appreciate the concern that some people have, but there is more at stake here than just winning an election. Some things are worth fighting for. Most voters are unaware of what goes on, that influences elections. Too many people running for office are more concerned with winning and their reputation, above all else. I am not a politician, and I care too much for the people of Westfield, to turn a blind eye to what we know is going on. I will put my trust in God, and the people of Westfield to judge for themselves. In the end the truth will always shine.
I am very grateful that the support of many people in Westfield has remained strong as evidenced by the number of yards signs and the donations this campaign has received, without which this campaign would not have moved forward.

Thank you Westfield.
Dan Allie

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