Letter: Allie needs to play fair

To the Editor,
I read Kurt Bricault’s Letter to the Editor in Tuesday’s (09/29/20) newspaper with great interest.
I also read the article (Tuesday also) where Dan Allie announced and supports a write-in campaign for the vacant state representative seat. Mr. Allie lost to Mr. Pease in the primary held on September 1st. Mr. Allie’s comments are pitiful, and self-serving at best.
I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Bricault’s comments. He hit the nail on the head. A couple of years ago Dan Allie rode his bicycle through my neighborhood and knocked on doors also. Mr. Allie, my wife and I had a long conversation. I wasn’t impressed then, and I’m less impressed now.
Dan Allie is all about Dan Allie and always has been. He has proven that over the years and continues to do so.
What is a majority? A majority is one more than half – period. Everyone knows and accepts that – except Dan Allie. When is there a majority? A majority happens only at the time when the vote is taken. There are always a lot more people that could have been involved and voted, but the results depend upon the people that were involved and did cast their vote at that particular time. The vote was taken, Kelly Pease won and Dan Allie lost. One vote, 117 votes, or ten million votes – one vote is the decision maker. Over. The winner wins, the loser loses and accepts the loss. Americans have accepted that since we began this “experiment” in democracy in the late 1700s.
I wonder how Dan Allie would handle this if Kelly Pease lost and announced and supported a write-in campaign after a primary loss. Mr. Allie would rightfully be calling FOUL!
Dan Allie needs to grow up and learn how to play fair!

Thomas Y. McDowell

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