Letter: Bean prioritizes accessibility in campaign

To the Editor,

As a candidate for at-large City Council, the cornerstone of my candidacy is to be accessibility to all constituencies. As I have listened to people throughout Westfield, a common expectation for city government has been clear. The citizens of Westfield want to be included in the decision-making process.

All elected and appointed official should create a relationship complete with an open dialog of ideas and concerns. Holding city official accountable is crucial to an open and responsible government. I believe in making government more responsive, accountable, and familiar with the desires of Westfield’s diverse neighborhoods.

My plan is to have regular office hours for constituents; and expand the availability of detailed meeting schedules, budget and policy initiatives through the use of the internet and current technology. Over the past seventeen years, our City has made great strides in providing better information through our website, particularly as it relates to development projects and the scheduling of city meetings. I have been a big advocate for videotaping and live streaming city meeting; include the Municipal Light Board, commissions and subcommittees.

Communication and transparency, to me, are the keys to government leaders earning the trust of the citizens. There are many exciting things happening in this city. I promise to make sure that the hard work being done is communicated fully to the citizens of Westfield.

Brent B. Bean II

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