Letter: Concerns about Allie’s campaign

To the Editor,

On September 29th my letter to the editor was published in The Westfield News with concerns and issues with Dan Allie splitting the vote with his write-in campaign. After he was defeated in the Republican primary for state Rep. He continued to run to split the vote and in my observations, over sour grapes.

To sum it up, his complaint about PAC money is what I considered outside money. In early October I began to look into all the claims he was making. I then compared them to his record. Surprise! Dan has had outside money spent and donated on his behalf. virtually, the very same thing he is complaining about he has benefited from. You can put whatever name on outside money, it is still outside money. People in glass houses should not throw stones.

He has taken this personally against me as a registered voter. There has been an attempt to silence me and that’s why I’m speaking out as a voter. Be damned if you think you’re going to violate my free speech. I called him out on his complaint about PAC money and his past actions in Westfields Elections. I was then reported to Facebook and my account was locked. I see this as an attempt to stop my free speech. Why do you ask? In Dan’s own words I did not have a picture, no friends, or any post. Facebook now wants my picture to confirm my identity.

In his unsuccessful run for the seat in 2014. Dan had $5400.00 spent on his behalf by the Marlborough Republican City Committee. They were just one group from outside Westfield. I asked him what changed? I told him he was a hypocrite for what he was now claiming. Dan HAS had PAC money spent on his behalf and I challenge him to say otherwise. He then sent out a scathing, deceptive mailer/letter that same year which he sent anonymously throughout the City of Westfield and was forced to admit to it on the WAQY Rock 102 morning show. He then hid behind that it was legal to do. Let’s call a spade a spade here folks, in my opinion, that was a cowardly, swampish, and dirty thing to do. Classic dirty politics. You can read the full article at wmasspi.com (Type in Dan Allie in the search box).

I then asked him how is he continuing his same campaign with republican money as an independent write-in candidate? Ladies and Gentleman, this does not pass the smell test. The last thing we need in this city is our Republican City Chairman (Dan Allie) in a potential political legal snare. I’m curious about what the state republican party thinks about this issue? I do know after I spoke with them they stated to me they DO NOT SUPPORT WHAT HE IS DOING AS A WRITE-IN CANDIDATE, but Dan does not mention that in any of his articles. My guess is he won’t be chairman very much longer.

Dan responded to me with, (paraphrase) You have no photo, no friends and no post on facebook. This post has no basis in reality. The issue is a super PAC, that allows billionaires and millionaires to pour unlimited amounts of money into elections.

I thought to myself here we go with the Nancy Polisi sound alike contest again. Does he have memory issues? 2014 was not that long ago when he pulled what I consider deceptive dirty tactics in his last run for state rep. He went on about my opinion and the facts and ended his statement to me with “The hate is strong in this one, it is – Joda”.

His slogan is “your voice matters”. Apparently not, because the voices in the primary are now being trampled on.

Dan Allie braggadociously states he put two questions on the ballot for restoring the state aid. One problem with this. The questions are only on the City of Westfields ballot and are not a blanket question across the state. This is like being afraid of a shark with no teeth. What a lack of common sense, and complete idiotice to even waste your energy and taxpayers’ money. Explain how we are going to increase money for roads and restore local aid from the state if it’s only on our cities ballot? it needs to be across the entire state as a binding referendum to have any teeth. This from a supposed best and brightest from City Council? Are you kidding? Is Robinhood now going to appear and make the state give Westfield the money? This is like having story time with Dan Allie every time we read something from him.

We are at a crossroad in this City and need to send a clear message, it is time to denounce dirty politics. A vote for Dan Allie is a vote for dirty politics

Kurt Bricault


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