Letter: GOP opposition to voting law is anti-democratic

Most Americans would prefer not to live under a government whose sole purpose was to maintain the wealth of its richest citizens, but that is exactly the sort of government today’s radical Republican leadership is working for. The best way for these plutocratic oligarchists to achieve their end is to prevent many of us from voting. This is why they strongly oppose the Voting Rights Act now being urged in the Senate.

Radical Republicans do not want democracy. They want a government of the people by the wealthy and for the wealthy. As Heather Cox Richardson noted in her Oct. 20, 2021, blog, “… it is possible for 41 Republican senators, who represent just 21 percent of the population, to stop voting rights legislation backed by 70 percent of Americans.” Radical Republicans are fine with that; in fact, it’s exactly what they want.

They don’t care about race, religion, patriotism, or justice; they aren’t really concerned about abortion, LBGT people, or vaccine mandates. But they’ve learned to use these issues to distract us from what they do want – the elimination of corporate taxes and business regulations, leaving them in uncontested control of the government, free run it in ways that make them the most profit.

They have a chance now to make significant progress toward achieving their goals. They are using the trumped-up excuse of preventing voter fraud, which is virtually nonexistent in U.S. elections, to enact laws on the state level that would ensure victory for their candidates regardless of the popular vote.

If you value democracy, please support the Voting Rights Act.

Mike Metzger

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