Letter: Happy New Year from Hoose

To the Editor,
First and foremost let me wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR, and bless us all who made it through 2019.  Sharing: New Year’s Resolution: GO BOLD.  As I am getting older, and realistically not that much time left to do somethings that may help; or a least pass the TORCH on to a next new generation.  And, the more I notice is that there is an up and coming generation that as my generation has concerns about the environment, Human Rights, responsible business economics, and civic/civil responsibility…I think that they may like some of what I will be presenting.  I have had an interesting life…not profitable, but with many depth and breadth learning experiences visa vie participation, and academics.  So, of course, they will be based in those areas that I do have some depth of understanding.  I do not claim to be an expert, but a contributor to problem solving.  So, there will be the presidential race; along with this is my advocacy for New World American Exceptionalism.  We have strayed so far from our unique and founding principles, is it no wonder why things are so messed up.  Anyway, another will be advocacy for a more serious stigma removed work on issues of mental health.  With so many caring so little about saving lives, including their own, with intentional reckless behavior ,; whether through drugs, self-abuse through obesity, texting while driving, and stunts to get attention.  If we do not find real ways to deal with this issue our suicide rates will continue to grow, and the costs emotionally, psychologically, and even fiscally will grow as well.
I do want to stay positive…we need to have positive things said, done, and the recognition of those doing the GOOD.  But, this era of Existential Nihilism can leave us a terrible legacy that will be most difficult to undo.  I have revised a quote: I will drop you like a good habit.  Why; good habits seem easier to lose, and bad ones most difficult.
It would help if I continue to get more responses from you folk to motivate me. And, you will see me more frequently at City Council and School Committee meetings; please watch and tell me what you think.  OK for now, onto my BOLD new world approach, that includes one last effort to activate a non-profit that can offer a means to associate, and cooperate to deal with our real needs and issues.  Please return to REAL Americanism by your advocacy for our personal and shared responsibilities.  Take charge of getting things done.  It is not as hard as you may think: for we are the Governing Authority, the Business Economy, and the care takers, preserves, and stabilizers of our communities and their stability.  As was for 200 years until in the 1970’s though 90’s when we gave in, and gave up.   Thank you for your time and attention.
Your former Ward 3 City Councilor, Brian Hoose, [email protected]
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