Letter: Harris asks for your vote for City Council


Thank you to the thousands who have voted for me in the past and to new supporters this year. I truly care about our citizens and city.

Your safety — supporting our great police, fire and first responders who protect and help all citizens so we can focus on other issues.

Your wallet — every year I am the one who makes the motion for the lowest tax rate for the homeowner (includes renters).

Your vehicles — roads are now being replaced, not just pothole repair, a good plan, less vehicle damage.

Your schoolchildren — children of all abilities and important educators need the state to change the outdated method of funding schools and provide more help.

Your city — continuing to receive refund costs for water treatment, with more $$$ to come, many new restaurants, bakery and small businesses this past year, and a potential large business which will give thousands in tax revenue, which could lower our tax rate.

Your neighborhood — constant frustrating traffic backups on main routes need to be addressed again.

Your activities — the many arts and sports are a positive for our city.

Your dedicated city councilor-at-large — I am the only woman councilor-at-large for eight continuous years. I haven’t missed a council meeting in eight years, even with the death of my husband.

Your Gold Star daughter — (father was a Korean War casualty) my support and care towards veterans and active duty and their families comes as I view them all as heroes.

Lastly, focusing on the good and good people in our city (while watching our dollars) helps us all as a community.

Cindy C. Harris


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