Letter: Hoose encourages positive thinking

To the Editor,
Hello. I hope I am back, I had to have my computer rebuilt and upgraded. Where to begin? Let me be my more usual positive self. I want to thank the good folks at WTA for their help in the rebuild. We have some incredible students there; not only skilled in this work, but dealt well with my humor, and learned quickly to adapt their thinking and knowledge to an old guy who got left behind in the tech evolution. This was also of benefit to them to be able to do their job, and work with a consumer. Noah and Jackson were the two especially capable students that had this task. Thank you guys and all others involved and enabled this to happen.
To the good people of Westfield: spread the positives; we all need this. I am very proud to be an American Human. For we as both Humans and Americans are so many are being awesome from those donating vital supplies; converting their breweries to producing hand sanitizers to car companies changing product to ventilators, to every pay people doing block sing a longs, and drive by birthday celebrations; to hand producing masks, and gowns for our medical people. Thank you for being so wonderful.
OK, a warning: the Fed wants to give everyone money, important, but not mentioned be aware that we will have to pay it back. OK, I know that a lot of Americans do not know how our government functions. But, theses expenditures will go into our National Debt, which before this was over a trillion dollars. The plan may add another 2-3 trillion to it. The National Debt is our debt, that we pay with interest. Yes this is a good thing that they are doing, but be mindful of the cost to us, and our future generations. Oh, more on this: do not poke the dragon, as China owns a big chunk of our debt. Just saying, pay attention…
Your former Ward 3 City Councilor, and Community Advocate: Brian Hoose, [email protected]
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