Letter: Hoose looks to the birds

To the Editor,

Hi folks, first of all; sorry for the morbidness of my last edit. But, I know a lot of us are a bit depressed and it is better to get it out than keep it in.

OK, back to me being me. I want to give the greatest praise and appreciation to our police, fire, and other first responders for their acts of “community service” by enabling children, and others to celebrate their birthdays. Innovative thinking at its best.

As I said, I no longer have Ollie, and my cat, Poe; I have gone to feeding the birds near my house. Just as when Mr. Bear, and then later with Ollie when we went to Allen Park, and fed the birds…the birds would gather as we approach, and quietly waited then as we left swooped down to get the food. At times there was a distinctive call that they made. Even though having a big dog with me, they knew I was there to leave food. Now, the local birds do the same, even without the big dog. I added a chipmunk to the crowd. They often have a look out sitting on a stump. I hear them get close. I even had them escort me to my door and sit on each side of the steps, unafraid of my approach. Not much, but is something positive, and for me NEAT.

Oh, I started doing something else in the afternoon, sitting out front, enjoying the warm sun with my radio, and an ice tea and chat and wave with people who come by. That too is neat. And more neat is that if the music is good, I get up and do a little dance.  Hey, when alone I have to entertain myself. Hopefully sometime some may join me, and they are more than welcome. If this happens, I’ll have to consult with the neighbors, PD, and of course Emma’s and Dunn and Phillips; across the street.

OK, the serious part.  I am getting more concerned about efforts to privatize the Post Office. NO! As well, major cuts in Medicaid/Medicare, and Social Security. Hasn’t the Prez gotten the message there are a lot of seniors being harmed by COVID? OK, I am bored and I am thinking, and that can be an interesting combo. Hey, I am 71, not much of a future left, so why not?  So, until next time stay healthy, YOU ARE IMPORTANT!

Your former Ward 3 City Councilor, and current Community Advocate Brian Hoose.  [email protected]


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