Letter: Hoose gives thanks

To the Editor,
Hi folks: Sorry I have been remiss with editorials but stuff has been rough…BUT…
It is Thanksgiving, and for me it is still a time to give THANKS…especially to those around me who have done so very much.  First, Julie Barnes, our Veterans Services manager.  Not only for all that she has done for me, but for so many of our Vets.  Taking her personal time to help individual Vets, with their individual needs.  Thanksgiving Day she will be out dropping off dinners to Vets, like me, and many others.  Her and her Brian Barnes, and their church group did a lot of clean up on my yard recently, and left a sign: You are Loved.
As well, I want thank Dee at Deals for Wheels, and the faculty at WTA’s automotive for their patience and help dealing with my auto crisis.  They and the faculty, staff, and students throughout; the Tiger Pride crew, and those in the tech computer departments at WTA who help me, appreciate me, and have treated me so well. Their kindness, consideration, and help is more than remarkable, and so greatly appreciated.  I do not want to leave out the good people at City Hall, who likewise treat me with courtesy and respect while sincerely caring and doing their best to help me.  Next to the private sector: Stop and Shop, Walgreen’s on Silver St., and the good folks at Westfield Bank on Arnold St.  Their consideration, and help has done so very much for me.
And, while I am at it to you who read my editorials, or see me at City Council and School Committee meeting, doing Public Participation, and then when you see me give me feedback, or ask for my help, or let me know of a problem that I should be aware of.  At my age, and alone: you make me feel good, valued, and appreciated.  And, that is important.  So, THANK YOU all for all that you do.  It is valued and appreciated.
Your former Ward 3 City Councilor, Brian Hoose, [email protected]
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