Letter: Happy Birthday Boy Scouts

Dear Editor,

This past week the Boy Scouts of America celebrated their 110th birthday on Feb. 8.

Past president of the United States, Gerald Ford, personally told me that the BSA was one of the most important youth movements in the history of our nation.  President Ford (an Eagle Scout himself) felt that if the members of Congress were Eagle Scouts or former scouts, our nation would be managed in a far better way than it was.

Today’s parents of young children should seriously consider enrolling their children in the BSA, and here is why I urge them to do so:

85% of high school council presidents are/were Boy Scouts.

71 % of high school football captains are Boy Scouts.

98 % of Scouts graduate from high school; compare that with others.

33 % of Scouts earn far more than most others.

82% of Rhode’s Scholars are/were former Scouts.

20 out of 21 of the original astronauts are/were Eagle Scouts.

In my opinion, young children of scouting ages will be better prepared to reduce crime, drugs, violence and broken families than those youths who do not have a Scouting background.  All that in addition to learning skills, indoor and outdoor, that others usually do not.

Contact the Western Massachusetts Council, BSA in Pittsfield or Westfield;  call 413-594-9196 or



Peter C. Giftos

Past President, Great Trails Council, BSA

Dalton, MA


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