Letter: Hoose keeps up the positivity

Hi folks, first I want to celebrate ME!  My sit out front of my house, listen to music and wave/say/chat…is working wonders for me, and lot of them.  I have those who were bewildered at first….now beeping and waving; more stopping chatting…regular strangers, now…my friendly neighbors.  And, even just passer bys.  From seniors, to teens; and as much diversity as is Westfield.  I even get those who tell me “thank you” for reminding them that we can be positive.
I do have to apologize to these folks, that my front yard is a weed covered disaster,,,I am trying to get the city to restore my front yard back to the condition I was before the Arnold St. road up grade.  But, I am simply told the city is sure they are not responsible.  Putting in the sidewalk, a 2-3 foot strip of “grass” was removed and replace by dirt with weeds that go 4 foot or so…Are there any Councilor friends reading this?  Law has not responded.  I would hate to ruin my up positive mood by having to go to court….Is there a lawyer reading this???  Or, do you know any of the Councilors, please help.  I am too old to do it; the electric on that side of my house; and until things change I can not negotiate a loan, get my electricity working, and hire someone.
The next favor…sorry…If any of you, police officers…know Lt. Bard, Community Policing; I wrote him, re: what I am doing, and if it is in compliance?  Especially as some of my new buddies would like to stop by and join me…I figure on a Sunday, when Emma’s, and Dunn and Phillips are not there.  Hey you all know I am an everyday people person…
Feel free to E-mail me…if you can help.  Oh, my bird experiment seems to be working.  They are not squawking/angry at me too much, coming closer, and seem to be waiting for me to show up with the popcorn, bread, and seeds.

Your former Ward 3 City Councilor, and still Community Advocate….Brian Hoose.

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