Letter: Republican extremists control their party

I’m not sure where I got this list – maybe from Levitsky and Ziblatt’s “How Democracies Die.” Anyway, it’s not original with me. But it does seem timely.

How to Destroy a Democracy: 1. Destroy trust in government institutions and media. 2. Pack courts with ideological supporters. 3. Split the population on religious, race and class lines. 4. Demonize the opposition. 5. Refuse all compromise.

It seems that the extremists in both major political parties are and have been doing these things. The difference is that the Republican Party is controlled by its extremists – which, of course, means that they are no longer extremists; they are the party. The Democratic Party is at odds with itself (hasn’t it always been?), but the extremists are still … well, extremists. They don’t control the party. Yet, anyway.

Worth noting: The Voting Rights Bill supported by nearly all Democratic legislators in D.C. will significantly protect and enhance democracy. It is opposed by all the Republican legislators.

Oppose extremism. Support democracy. Encourage your legislators to work for passage of the Voting Rights Bill.

Mike Metzger

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