Letter: Thanks to all who supported Stanley Park auction

We would like to thank the sponsors, donors, and bidders who helped to make Stanley Park’s online auction a huge success. Like so many businesses, organizations and nonprofits, Stanley Park had to adjust to the many challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. “Carry on the Carillon: There’s Music in the Air” was the first time the annual in-person Gala was switched to an online fundraising event.

The Carillon Tower is 71 years old, and while it still stands tall as the centerpiece of the park, it requires repairs to maintain it for future generations. Work is underway to restore it to its former beauty, and a rededication ceremony is already being planned for summer 2022.

We would also like to acknowledge the committee members who worked hard behind the scenes and put forth so much time and energy: Barbara Braem-Jensen, Donna Herman, Kara Herman, Hillary McEwan, Joyce Peregrin, Linda Snider-Tryon and Bob McKean.  All of us on the committee invite you to visit Stanley Park and enjoy all it has to offer. While you’re there, check on the progress being made to the Carillon Tower and watch for more details on the rededication as it approaches.

Mary O’Connell and Tom Fiske
Co-chairs, “Carry on the Carillon: There’s Music in the Air”

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