Letter to the Editor: Hoose on courtesy, grassroots and North Korea

To the Editor,

Hi folks…First of all I would like to thank Councilor at Large Cindy Harris for the nice card she sent thanking me for mentioning her in my edit.  Though I do not do this for the thanks, but because it is the right thing; the good thing to do, and to show my appreciation of others. And, Councilor Harris has earned my appreciation.  And, it is nice to be appreciated for doing something nice for someone else.  We tend not to do this so much anymore.  I have, in my own way, taking up the cause for courtesy: when at Stop and Shop, by making a point of saying thank you, or acknowledging someone when they do something nice for no reason.  The other day a woman was helping a man who seemed to have some problem locating something at the store, and she verbally guided him until he found it; along with the courteous help of store employees.  So I thanked her, pointing out how, in general, appreciation of others does not happen as much.  She agreed, and said: but I do…  Neat!

Comment to the fraudulent use of the term Grassroots:  it not only means to talk to everyday people, but to INCLUDE them in the process that you are advocating.  Dem’s lost the real Grassroots campaigns when they started to: take care of us, and to exclude people with new ideas, different ideas, etc.  A 2fer as they alienated a lot more Centrist who, through their taxes, had to pay for this keep America dependent upon us campaign. And, this is not Socialism…for it is voter monopolies.  Remember: Liberalism originated in Old World Mercantilist (Big Business) societies…as with Scrooge before the visits.

Last: It is bad enough that the Neo-Soviet Russians are trying to subvert and discredit our American Operating Principles: as our elections.  But, when Americans do this, it is far worse.  Gerrymandering, and efforts to prevent Americans from voting are downright UNAMERICAN, IF NOT ANTI-AMERICAN!  I know, it is all about winning, at any cost…, but does that include destroying our America in the process?  What is making me irked this time is that the Pres. wants to cut $40 Billion from the State Dept. budget included is money to keep a check on Russian interference and subversion in the U.S.

And, now with North Korea completing their 5th missile testing; and, Trump’s remarks that Kim Jung Un sent him “a very beautiful letter,” and does not address that aggression.  He, also commented: that Kim is angry about our war games with the South Koreans, to which he said he agreed, they cost too much.  But, his weekly golf outings cost us a million dollars, or so, each.  Now a 10 day vacation?  From what’; tweeting? I really don’t get this guy.  What, does Kim have to attack So. Korea to get his attention?  Or, is it that if Kim does, attack So. Korea or Japan, he will only kill a million or so Koreans; or maybe a couple of 100,000 Japanese; with the bonus of taking them out of economic market competition?  As for the 1,000’s of Americans stationed there well, isn’t it their duty to die for their country’s interests?  Hey, it is not only all about: I win, but it is also: all about the MONEY.  I also cannot figure out how easy it is for tyrants to flatter and convince him that “I won’t hurt you…, trust me.”  I realize that “I win!” and all about the money.  And lives…do not really matter…for Existential Nihilists.   OK, my well-deserved tirade is over,,,for now.

I’ll do my best to get back to local issues, next time…. Your former Ward 3 City Councilor, Brian Hoose, [email protected].

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