Letter to the Editor: Hoose on Dems vs Republicans

Two quotes to think about: The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis. Dante Alighieri. “The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”?Albert Einstein

Hello Westfield, especially, Ward 3; Hi folk…I think that the Dems are messing up a great opportunity. Attacks on each other, making issues personal, attacking Republicans that have supported Democrats, and especially bring voters back to the polls. Starting with LBJ, the compass changed from JFK proving the means to help ourselves develop and thrive’ to helping appointees to prosper with a lot one size fits all policies. That alienated many and began to exclude many of Americans that were once their base. Now, it is the sensational, and the symbolic emotionalism that is driving their campaign. YES, there are reasonable and rational candidates with reasonable and responsible issues, BUT spend trillions on each issue is not an election going to win. I hate to sound like an ancient but, as a New World American Exceptionalist: we do not want someone else doing it for us, to us, or taking care of us. Enable US to help ourselves and each other to solve our problems….A shared commonality of many Americans is that too many Americans were alienated, ignored, and excluded. These are in the Trump Party base, and as well amongst alienated/excluded Dems, and the New Independent (unenrolled) voters. RE-involve us! When we solve our own problems we save tons of Tax dollars. FACT, (I was there) the JFK transition to LBJ/Nixon often lead to 50-80% of the Anti-poverty budget going to ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS. As worse: whether people earned, were willing to earn it or NOT. You became entitled! Sort of like the elites hired to run it. And, the Private Country Clubbers (Swamp replacements) that run it now. A real lack of moral judgement, or sense of personal responsibility, and REAL American Values.

OK, I am letting my irritation get to me, but when you see and hear both of the dominant factions (for they are NO party for us), only slight of hand, and a good con job, with all the special effects to go with it. And, we have a president who is more enamored by ruthless dictators who have murdered their own people, than our freely elected allies. For the real Republicans: Trump now wants the FED to be controlled by him. He is complaining that China’ Pres. Xi has greater control because he has total control…YES, he is One Party State Dictator; not elected when you have only one party! And, he heads up a Plutocratic Authoritarian nation. Once, I dismissed it as the usual Trump misspeak; that he admired how the No. Korean Hereditary Dictator’s control and loyalty of his people! What….that is fear! Kim has had relatives killed, and along with longtime loyalist members; and millions of No. Koreans starve, go without electricity, clean water, health care…But, Trump: “he sent me a lovely letter”…

To all those readers, who are Independent (unenrolled) voters, we, everyday Americans, may have to come to America’s rescue. Not to arms the RED coats are coming, but by exercising our Constitutional Citizen AUTHORITY, and responsibilities that we daily demonstrate by are hard work, and our sacrifices in our communities and on the battlefields; and our willingness to set up and ask if we can help in any and all crises. And, this my friends is a crises, not on the border but in Washington D.C. Be prepared to use you resources (your social media) to promote a return to CIVIL and responsible American principles of government. Aside for those that may be history buff you know most great nations feel due to corruption of their governments, and society’ factional conflicts; then the barbarians stepped in…Your comments are most welcomed.

Your former, Ward 3 City Councilor, Brian Hoose…[email protected]

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