Letter to the Editor: Reopen the Chester Train Station

There is no rail station stop in the 50 miles between Springfield and Pittsfield.

We need to address the lack of access to public transit, where virtually none exists, before attempting to reduce commuter times.

Re-opening the Chester Station would provide a reservoir for the surrounding watershed population, which includes 29 towns within a 20-mile radius. 

This would provide a great return on investment, on our existing infrastructure, without embarking on huge new projects.

With Positive Train Control expanding safety and capacity of our existing delivery system and the documented need for public access, we are at critical mass of the “urgency of now.”

For decades we have expanded infrastructure for personal/commercial vehicles, at the expense of community vitality. Much now by-passes “Main Street” in so many of our towns.

Public transit has not kept pace. Instead of massive new build, we need to scale up what we are currently doing well, maximizing existing rail systems. Adding a commuter stop in Chester is the right thing to do, for the right reasons, at the right time.

For our rural way of life to survive, we must value community resilience over commute times, provide improved access, take resourceful, smart steps, adapt and create the future we want. . . the future our neighbors are in need of today.

Please share your thoughts with the DOT. Contact [email protected] and [email protected]


Bob Daley

Chester, MA


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