Letter: Whip City Fiber wanted on Kellogg Street

To the Editor,

This letter is in response to a letter submitted by Tom Campbell on October 1, 2020. I thought I was the only person living in this neighborhood who was upset with the lack of progress in getting fiber optics installed.

I live on Kellogg Street. I have applied numerous times, and basically found that this area is still on the outside looking in.
A  couple of years ago WG&E was doing some work on Kellogg Street and I had a conversation with one of the workers and the subject of the fiber optics program came up. He told me how fast it would be and that the groundwork was already in place on Franklin Street and that it shouldn’t take much to connect to the houses on Kellogg.

I have called numerous times for updates. One response was maybe the poles in my area cannot handle any more wires. This was probably one of the few neighborhoods that did not lose power during that freak Halloween snowstorm a few years back. I didn’t see any poles down in this area. Another excuse that was told to me was, there are too many rentals in your neighborhood. My point is, it’s very frustrating to see fiber optics signs all around this neighborhood and have no idea whether it’s going to be months or years before we actually see it as a reality.

So, Tom, you are not alone. Maybe we get a special discount if we are the very last neighborhood to have fiber optics
installed. Lol.

David Crussana
Kellogg Street

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