To the Editor,
Hi folks…first of all sharing the upside.  First of all CONGRATULATIONS JOHN VELIS!
My sitting in front of the house waving and greeting, also conducting traffic out of Emma’s parking lot is a real positive for an old guy as myself.  People approach by car and start waving, saying hi before I do…neat.  My experiment with the birds is coming along.  No more yelling at me; instead they sit in the trees across the street, and just make their chirps.  They come much closer to get to the food that I put down.  Nothing expensive, nothing over the top, just a simple, personalized activity that spreads the positive and the good.
Next…I wish the Mayor, or Council would release in the paper what is changing in out business world.   Who is open, they could use the free press, and we could use just knowing what kinds of stores are opening.  What is vital to one may be different to another.  One type of store that should be opening are those as The Salvation Army, Goodwill and others like it, as people who have lost income may need to shop there.  I also wish that those we hire to represent us could put in the local press more info re: CAREs legislation, and other federal, and state legislation that may help us; contact info, and a: how to use it, who is qualified.  The more we do now, the fewer pieces to be picked up later.
Lastly, and important: with a lot of big Fed spending, prior to this, and with extravagant corporate tax cuts and subsidies to corporate, the Fed has reduced revenue to compensate for the vital spending that it will take to lessen the economic defect.  The deficit is at highs, and the National Debt, very high.  And, warning: no time to poke the Dragon; they own a whole lot of our debt.  Recovery will fall upon us: working people, and small business owners.  What can people do to buoy themselves?  The Malls are in decline; likewise big box chain stores; due to more on line shopping.  We can not be ostrich people with out heads buried in the sand thinking if I do not see it; it won’t hurt me.  Our economy is already on rocky ground with couples both working to keep up with debts; and debt in the form of loans, mortgages, student debt, and soaring credit card debt.  And, with the global economy on shaky ground and having few allies left to work with….?
Your former Ward 3 City Councilor, and current Community Advocate….Brian Hoose.  [email protected]
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