Mailed marijuana intercepted

WESTFIELD – The faucet of an apparent pipeline into the city for marijuana was closed last week when a Spartan Lane resident noticed an unusual occurrence and took action.
The man called police on Thursday to report that he had opened a package which had arrived by mail at his residence and found that it contained two shrink wrapped bundles of marijuana.
Officer Michael Csekovsky responded to the call and took custody of the package and the two bundles, later found to weigh 18 ounces each.
The resident told Csekovsky that the package had been addressed to a relative who does not live at his residence but had recently visited and stayed for a week before returning to her home in California.
The man said that when he mentioned the curious package to his mother, who also lives at the address, she had said that his sister had received a similar package while she was visiting.
The woman said that her daughter had said that she left the package outside where it was picked up by a friend and, when her mother told her about the second package, asked that it too be left outside for pickup.
The man who called police said that a woman had arrived at his home, apparently looking for the package, but left when he told her to go away.
Police report that the case remains under investigation.

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